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You should also consider that you do have adrenal issues as well as probable hypothyroid by your symptoms. Stop playing around with meds if you don't have a firm understanding of what they're for. E.g., you mentioned Florinef which is for aldosterone problems. Do you have aldosterone problems?

Doctors have rigid medical belief systems, and receive their continuing education from Big Pharma Sales Representatives. So they want to lump everything together and either say you're fine, or go take this medicine and go home.

There are many online Laboratories where you can order and pay for your own tests. They are very reliable. You pay them, and go to one of the national Labs for testing, and they give you the results. Some of them have specific panels for Thyroid problems (T3 RT3 TSH T4 Thyroid antibodies, Iron, ferritin, UIBC, TIBC, Saliva Cortisol tests (4xor 6x) for adrenal problems. Do it.

Research all sorts of information on adrenal fatigue, hypothyroid, dessicated thyroid supplements, T3 deficiency, Reverse T3, adrenals, etc. Dr Lowe, Dr. Lam and Dr Rind are all experts in the field.

You MUST be educated about what is happening and become more knowledgeable than the usual doctor. Pity but that's life.

Good luck.

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