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[QUOTE=sadaboutaddison;4283151]Hi! Have you had your thyroid checked?
And about having high cortisol levels I believe you would have high blood preassure not on the low side.
I do suffer from addison's and also hypothyroidism.
Do you know if you blood preassure drops when you stand up?
Do you know if your body temperature runs below 97.6? Look on line how to test your basal temp to see if you may have an indication of having thyroid problems.[/QUOTE]

Hey! Thank you so much for the reply <3
My BP does drop when I stand up, I have had that checked. My BP is generally in the low-to-normal range on average, although a few months ago it was sky-high for no apparent reason. But, I have checked it and every time I do the sit-to-stand test, it does drop instead of going up, indicating adrenal issues.
My body temp is another thing I have been checking! So funny you mention that...on average, I'm 95-97.2 degrees, which is extremely low. My doctor unfortunetly doesn't believe in people having thyroid issues, so I can't get "tested" for it... He is also the only doctor anywhere in my area.
Although my mom is hypo, she is on synthroid which I know only makes the problem worse.
I'm not really sure what I should consider taking for my problems...any ideas?? I know my doctor is of no help. So it looks like I have no real choice except to find people who have lived with/fixed this problem on their own, get their advice and see what the best option to helping my adrenals would be :/

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