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[QUOTE=chali12;4282755]Hello, I couldn't find just an adrenal exhaustion board so I figured if anyone would know about adrenal issues, they would be here, where addison's is an adrenal issue so adrenal people would be here right..? Lol...
Anyway, I have all the classic symptoms. Exhausted upon waking, dizzy/tired when I stand up, exhausted all day long, wide awake from 11pm-1 am, finally fall asleep only to wake up again, difficulty losing weight (even when severely restricting calories; I'm training for a figure competiion so when it comes to diets I KNOW what I'm doing, I've always lived a healthy lifestyle full of exercise yet not excessive for the most part, and very healthy diet with lower carbs and high protein; my body responds well to that..when I do have carbs, they are complex, such as veggies, slow-cooked oatmeal, etc).
I've tried all the natural remedies out there; adrenal stress end, adrenal caps by solaray, so many more I can't remember. I even tried Isocort, but haven't found it to help at all. I also tried taurine, which I was told would boost energy levels, no such luck...
When I started taking Isocort, found no relief, I was told to increase the dose..this made me feel EXHAUSTED all the time and all-around TERRIBLE! I still don't know why?? Some suspect I just have high cortisol, but I'm too exhausted to work enough hours to make the money to order a text online! UHG! Best guesses anyone?? PLEASE?!

I tried contacting Dr. Lam's office and have been emailing, but they have been of absolutely no help. He told me I have to call and make an appointment, so when I called, they told me I can't make an appointment over the phone, our schedules completely conflict. So because of this I asked to just keep emailing, they told me they will only help me over the phone...
I'm at the end of my ropes and need help. No Dr,'s in my area know anything about adrenal fatige etc., and believe me I asked them all...not that there was many to ask.
Can anyone on here please help me??[/QUOTE]

May i recommend Siberian Ginseng, it helps repair/restore ur adrenal glands; 3,000 mg max dose b4 bed knocks u out and u sleep deeply & wake rested. U take for 3mths like that then 3wk rest then another 3mths & so forth. Do not exceed that dose or it will have the reverse effect on ur body. I 2 have hypo thyroid tho dr tests always say it's fine so i've started taking kelp 90mg daily when i wake, as my thyroid gland protrudes way 2 much 4 a lady & it should increase my blood pressure which is low. My situation got very severe going from lots of rushing about in my job to stool bound & thinking wheelchairs if it gets worse so i take liquorice root when i need a boost or at the end of the day as i read low cortisone can interfere with sleep. I take lots more but these 3 are my core med. U need to rest a lot, avoid sugar, coffee, salt (tiny amounts only now & again), and just let ur body recover. I've read that it is 6mths to 2yrs 4 that sadly. I to have always been very active & this has put a lot of weight on me

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