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Went to the endo dr today because even while treated for my Hypothyroidism, I'm still very tired all the time and having weight issues.

Today at the dr's they said my sodium is low and so was my blood pressure. 90/60. I also know, from other tests that I have low Testosterone and I think I might have low Estrogen. I've never had low sodium or pressure before. I've always been good

I was on Prednizone last year after being Dx w/ Lupus but I was on it for maybe a total of 2 mos and weened off it as directed. My dose was also low. I was dx w/ Lupus.

I was also on Zoloft for over a year and had massive withdrawal when I went off of it this past Feb because it was making me feel worse.

I also have constant headaches, tension, migraine, hormonal. They come w/ heat too. I'm intolerant to both heat and cold.

I've also struggled w/ food and weight. There are times I'm so hungry, even if I'd eaten only hours before, that I feel so tired and weak and it makes it hard to even speak. Once I do eat, it seems to take a while to get my blood sugars back up. The dr wants me to start taking my sugar levels a few times a day and keep a food log for the next two weeks.

She's also ordering me a 24 hour urine test and some blood work that I think might test for Cortisol levels also.

I'm up at least 2=3 x a night to void and it's not just a small amount.

When I get tired, sometimes my heart starts to pound and I get short of breath and I have to lay down NOW! Just so weak.

My right side of my body, hand and foot, seems to get puffy when I'm hot and it's uncomfortable.

I get lower back pain sometimes, but it feels sharp, more muscular but it comes out of no where, really. Thought it might be from sleeping wrong. There are times it takes my breath away.

I pretty much kinda feel crappy all the time. Sometimes I have a good day, but almost every day, at some point, I feel like dreck. By 8 at might, I'm starving again, looking for something sweet.

I also have very low.. no, check that NO sex drive. At all... none... at all. I've always struggled w/ this, but at this point, I could go the rest of my life w/o sex or any kind of contact like that and be happy. It really wouldn't matter to me, other than feeling guilty about my husband. Luckily, his has slowed too.

I'm 35 and sometimes I feel a heck of a lot older. I get worn out fast too, low endurance I guess, doing most anything. Sometimes my arms burn just putting a pony tail in and I've given up braiding my hair, my arms burn too much.

I'm starting Weight Watchers again and slowly starting to work back into working out. I have to lose weight.. it's a must.

I also have very little patience and I get annoyed and short tempered quickly. I can also have little slivers of anxiety and depression. I've struggled w/ depression for years. I obsess about things too, when I go places or have to talk to ppl, I feel very awkward and like everyone is noticing how overweight I am. Also, I feel like I'm stupid because my memory is so bad I can't think straight half the time. I have massive Brain Fog. My recall is shot and just thinking seems sluggish and I swear, I could just blank out and stare at the wall instead of making my brain work to come up w/ an answer. Words are hard to think of too.

Anyway... they're testing me for Cortisol issues.. she didn't use Addison, but name, but ... I've heard of it. I've looked in to Adrenal failure a few years ago and felt that I fit a lot of the symptoms... could we/she, be on the right track or am I giving myself false hope that maybe there is something really wrong and I'm not half nuts?

This whole post seems to me like I am. It's disjointed and random... that's how I think anymore. I used to do a lot of writing, but I can't hold on to an idea long enough anymore, even reading sometimes takes too much concentration.

Also want to add, I get bad night sweats and if the room isn't ice cold, I have a hard time sleeping.

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