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Hi , I am so lucky to have a switched on Doctor. He is really good. I am very doubtful that I have it. Especially after he mentioned it - my symptons have faded (my stomach hurts less and I'm not reacting to foods as much!). I spent 4 days denying the fact I could have Addisons and now I feel its messed me up a little. I feel like I'm not here / dreaming, I live with headrush everytime I stand up, I'm so weak - sometimes I can barely type. No matter how much I drink - I never wee much and I cannot cope with any heat or any cold. I'm worried that I've sent myself into a world of denial but the bloods will pick up the information anyway.

What other illnesses could I have that are similar? My vitiligo is pretty wide spread and my blood pressure varies so much its difficult to monitor.

:) I don't know whats going on. I just hope I feel normal at some point soon.

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