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Hello everyone,

I just finished my 24 urine on Wed checking the aldosterone, sodium and other things he is checking for as well as lab work. My pressures are low and I realize I have been going through this for years. Its frustrating. I have 2 weeks more to see the Doc for results. I just wanted to know what your BP were. I start off in the morning cos I am hypertensive at 130/90. I am not taking any BP meds right now for I know what my body will do. I have been seen by a cardiologists did all the testing like the echo, treadmill, you name it he did it and it came out fine he was the one that said it was secondary adrenal insufficiency due to my prednisone use. Anyhoo, when I feel my heart palpatating, I know my BP are low and they are 93/59 or lower. One time it was in the 80s. Its frustrating. I just wanted to know what your BP was..

Thanks :)

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