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I have the same issues as you on prednisone. What is cortef exacty? Is it similar to prednisone & hydrocortisone? Wish I could offer advice, but I'm having same things happen with me. If u find anything to help u, I would be grateful if u could pass it along. I have had primary Addison's for 10 years.
Yea ive had addisons since 2004, i was 79 pounds when they diagnosed me, then they put me on Hydrocortisone, i went clear up to 140 pounds, i never wieghed more than 100 my whole life! But heck i would rather be a little over wieght than be that sick ever agian! So then my endo put me on prednisone, and ive been on that for 5 years now, and i did better with my wieght being on that, we just had to get the dosage right. Ive been at a solid healthy 120 pounds for 5 years now. So I would recommend prednisone, and maybe change endos if you still feel like crap, it sounds like she doesn't know how to read blood tests if you get it checked every 3 months, cause the tests should tell you if you need more or less of your meds. But hope you get feeling better, and dont stress too much with your wieght! Give yourself a break we have addisons and we aren't perfect, nobody is. ;)

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