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Hello everyone,

Well I did my 24 hr urines for the sodium, aldosterone and the catecholamines. I have low blood pressure and was sure it was an aldosterone issue. Well, it wasn't. He said I was very low on cortisol but I am taking prednisone and he is weaning me off of it. I am very frustrated. I am very tired and he weaned my down to 5mg of prednisone yet me test showed I am low on cortisol. Said he would repeat the test when I was off of prednisone even though it still stay in your system, I am assuming he will put me on something else..

Back to the low pressure he said the aldosterone was a 7. It was the epinephrine that was really low and he said that controls the blood pressure. He said he only prescribed this drug twice in his practice and couldn't rememeber the name. So he found it and he put me on midodrine 2.5 mg 3 times a day. I am scared. My pressure are low but I am hypertensive which I haven't taken my meds cos the pressures drop throughout the day. I am scared to take this drug and it goes the other way, super high. I never heard of the catecholamines but have researched it now.

Is anyone having this problem and have you take this drug...

I am really frustated. I feel like I am dying slowly. I am so tired and then the pressures just make it more hard. My heart goes out to all of you that work. I don't.

Thanks for letting me whine..


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