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hello, ive just found out that im 5 weeks pregnant:)
i have had addisons disease for 3 years now had 2 crisis earlier on in the year,
i just wanted to know any problems people have? sickness? bit worried really :eek:

im now 6 weeks and terrified of having a miscarrage :(

any one know if im more likley to have one with addisons
As long as you take your replacement dose and double up for infections you and your baby should be fine.
I now have a 1 year old, I've had addisons for 6 years now. I got soooooo sick when I was only 7 weeks into my pregnacy, throwing up all the time, and I lost 20 pounds, and sicker than a dog! I was on my back untill I was about 16 weeks along. So here is what I would say if you get sick. Don't worry about getting enough food to your baby if you can't hold anything down, somehow your baby gets enough. But when you throw up make sure you increase your meds everytime, try to have something in your tummy all the time, and don't let anyone cook for you, smells are the worst! Get lots of rest and never over do it. It was the hardest weeks of my life, but it is sooooooooo worth it, and remember it doesn't last forever you will get better, (if you even get sick) everyone is different. But how exciting for you! Congrats! When I was going through this I tried to ask anyone on this board about pregnacy and addisons, and I got nobody! So if you want any more help on what to expect (cause there's a whole bunch more) ask me anything, I've been there done that, and I know what your going through!
I had one pregnancy prediagnosis (addisson's), and one pregnancy postdiagnosis. Both very healthy pregnancies. I had a c-section for second and the only precaution I had to take was to discuss with my OB the dosage of the Hydorcortisone during and after delivery. Everything was fine - baby is 16 months now and healthy!
Just be sure to listen to your body and get regular blood testing of your cortisol levels. Keep a watch on your blood pressure (can drop too low)and you will be fine.
Good Luck!
You will be fine. Zofran is your friend.

Best of luck to you! You should be fine!
hey thanks for your replys ive not been on here in a while,

im now 21 weeks and so far so good :) had no sickness, was quite a bit breathless between 9-15 weeks but now i have loads of energy and im still working and riding my horses, cant seem to stop eating though haha

im just worrying about the birth now lol
I am 5 weeks now so Im not going to be a big help, but all my dr's have been extremely optimistic. I noticed you posted this in August... sooooo, how's it going??? Im nervous but optimistic. My problem is this, if anyone has any suggestions:

I just found out that Im pregnant this past wkd and I have a trip planned for the Dominican Republic next weekend. Im nervous because my endocrinologist is away for the entire month, and the nurse practitioner that is covering for his patients does not have any openings until the end of the month. Do you think I need to see the Dr right away, and/or my medication be increased right away, or were all you addisonian preggers ok for a while? So far I just feel a little more tired than usual. I would be willing to just wait and see how I feel, and if I start to feel lethargic or start to get morning sickness (which Im PRAYING I dont!) then Ill call and demand that someone see me. But in the meantime, Im scared to go away without seeing someone first. Thoughts?
So my endo said to me the moment I know I'm pregnant come in and get your thyroid checked out,your thyroid may drop when you get pregnant and it is very bad for the babys development, cause the first few weeks are when their developing the most important parts. So I would recomend to call your endo, and get your blood taken asap. You don't have to set up an appointment just blood work. But congrats! Any other questions let me know!
hey just an update, im 27weeks now, ive had a few growth scans and shows the baby is measuring small about 2/3 weeks behind but everything else seems ok. they dont know why, but said he maybe small due to addisons?
got scans every 2 weeks to keep an eye on him :)

did anyone else gain a lot of weight? so far ive put on 2 and a half stone :( and still 3 months to go arrgh
hey, just thought i update,

ive had my baby boy 3 weeks ago, my waters broke 2 weeks early and he was breech so had emergency c section, he was a healthy 6lb 6oz and we went home within 48hours :D

i was given hydrocortisone through IV just before they started the c section and during (about 30min in) and then 6 hourly for 24hours

i felt fine thoughout my addisons didnt effect me at all,
my wound did get infected but antibiotics sorted that out quickly

5 days later i was back on my normal pre pregnancy dose of hydrocortisone and felt fine even with the lack of sleep

3 weeks later im back riding my horses and going for walks everyday trying to get rid of the 4 and a half stone i gained

so was a good experience for me although i would have prefered a natural birth

Most excellent dazzyd123!!!

Congratulations and best of wishes for you and your baby boy!

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