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High potassium
Aug 20, 2010
I just saw a new GP this week and I am seeing an Endo in his practice on the 31st. I have had an overactive thyroid for 5-8 years with alot of opposite symptoms.
I asked him if some of the symptoms I have could be adrenal related, he actually said that it could be. Which I was relieved with only because I felt he was actually listening to me.
So they are sending my results by mail but the ones they were concerned over were my potassium level and my TSH was still low but it has gone up since 3 months ago.

Blood pressure has always been normal when they take it at the office.

Potassium is 5.6
TSH is .439 not to bad

He for some reason didn't run my T3 and T4 frees.

Vit D was 23 3 months ago
have alsways had lower iron levels

I have taken potassium in the past here and there for my leg when it swells and aches. But I told them I haven't taken it in a few months.

Along with the high potassium I also experience:
Last 2 times I took my temp it was at 97.6, kinda low?
mood and irritability issues
Fatigue most days
Anxiety (which he gave me Klonopin for.....oh boy =-/)
lightheadedness, loss of vision when standing for only 2-3 seconds
easy bruising, I don't even know where I get half of them
swelling leg, very pressure sensitive on ankle and shin
Spider veins galore and blue veins are horrid
aching legs (back of thighs mainly, and also sharp pains here and there)
poor memory
cold intolerence
low libido
muscle tension/weakness (though I have alot of tone and I don't work out)
Shoulder muscles hurt almost all the time
Nerve twitches in random areas
blurred vision and dry eyes somewhat often
Hair is soft to me but have been told by hair salons that it's dry. I lose quite a bit in a day usually at the root.
Skin feels soft but is pretty dry especially winter time! As soon as the 30 degree days come in my face is so flaky and I use lotion everyday and never use harsh soaps.
My whole body aches in the cold weather.....winters are horrible for me.

I can't say that I really crave salt....I love salt and like the vinagar taste in buffalo wings. But I never think "I have to find salt!!!! NOWWWW!" If anything I crave spicy and sour things and of course chocolate.

No darkening of the skin....I'm irish and english it's hard enough to try to get a tan so I don't even want to try anymore LOL. I'm happy pale.

Do you find any of these to possibly point toward Adrenal fatigue or Addison's? I know high levels of potassium can be a kidney issue too but I don't really have reason to believe it's kidney.
I want to see if this doctor will test my cortisol when he rechecks my potassium. I have spent so much money in the past 3 months it's stupid, luckily insurance paid most but left me with paying some labs for some reason.
I just want to get opinions and go into the Endo and the GP with the right questions and suggestions for tests.
Thanks you :p I appricate any input!

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