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Re: High potassium
Aug 26, 2010
We could be twins! I had many of the symptoms you desribed before I was diagnosed with Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency. I do not Addison's Disease - my adrenal glands work fine - however, my pituitary gland was damaged when I lost a significant amount of blood after my last c-section (I have had 3). The technical term for my "disease" is Sheehan's Syndrome. I also have extremely low levels of another hormone known as DHEA and an underactive thyroid (all due to damage of the pituitary). It is a daily struggle, but when you do get on the appropriate dosage of Hydrocortisone (or Prednisone), you will feel much more energetic. However, we are much like diabetics - every day is different - so every day you have to tailor your medication to your needs. For instance, today the kiddies and I were in the hot sun - when I got home it was obvious I was about to crash (fatigue, nausea), so I took another 2.5mg of hydrocortisone to give me a "boost" and I do feel a bit better. I sincerely hope you find out what is going on. May I add that low cortisol can contribute to high levels of anxiety, so you might find when you regulate your cortisol levels, you may not feel as anxious and as a result, no longer need your anti anxiety meds. Good luck!:)

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