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I am danish and I do hope I understand your question.. your wife has pain and that is why she takes oxycontin? I am 37 and have taken 60-70 mg of oxycontin for the last 12 years and I am doing fine on it.. I get it for some nerve, muschle and bone pain in my face. I take it 4 times a day or I get withdraws. it messes up my sleep but beside that it works fine for me. Do I understand that your wife has to stop the pain meds? and if so, why? I know I live fine on it, and I would not have a good life without it. I had 9 months when I was pregnant where i did not take it, but I was almost stuck in my bed the whole time because of the pain. so unless it makes her sick or something like that I would not recomend her stopping or cutting it down.
I do hope I understood the question, and if not then plz let me know..
All the best

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