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Well I am officially frustrated with my endo. This is the third time I have gone to him and we are getting no where. First time I did all the lab work up for him but was on 12.5 prednisone in the morning with 7.5 in the afternoon. He was telling me my adrenal glands shut down because of the steroid use and that all my lab work was not worth anything because I am on steroid. I explained I had an adrenal crisis after my gallbladder surgery and have gone downhill with my health since January especially with low blood pressures.

He told me to now only take 10 mg on prednisone a day and do the catecholomaines in the urine so we could see my cortisol levels. Well thats when he said it wasn't the aldosterone that was causing my BP to be low but the epineprine that was low which also controls the BPs and breathing. But unfortunately there isn't any type of pill to replace that. He then said he was real worried about my cortisol level. I was a 1.0 mcg and the referance range was 4.0-50.0.

He told me to wean off to 5 mg of prednisone and come back. Well I kept saying If I was low cortisol with 10mg well what did he expect with just 5mg? I had to call the nurse because I felt lifeless and she told me to go ahead and take 2.5 more of prednisone in the evening..

Well I survive the 30 days but I am lifeless. Well he could care less and was worried about a bone density test. I don't care about that at this moment. My cortisol levels are way low and I really feel like I am dying as crazy as that sounds. He did give me some hydrocortisone but didn't know how much to give me and told me some ridicuous amounts. I am on 7.5 of prednisone right now. He gave me 5 mg of hydrocortisone tablets and told me to take some and we would repeat the urine.

I don't know what to do. I feel so sick. I don't know if I should get off of the prednisone and do the hydro one or what. There is no other endo doctors here so I am lost.

So my 24 cortisol hr urine was 1.0 mcg and the reference range 4.0-50.0
The cort am was .3 and the am range is 7.0-25.0

I am just want to know your advice. I appreciate any input.


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