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Is 6.2 at 11am low or normal?

I was diagnosed with Addison's when I was 9 and have never checked my cortisol level in 20 years. How do I go about checking this?

Wreckit, My AM cortisol has been less than 13 for more than a year and I have symptoms of secondary adrenal insufficiency along with low HGH (not Addisons). I had an ACTH stim test that went from 11 to 30 in 60 minutes, a 2.62 fold increase. So apparently this rules out adrenal insufficiency. So someone please explain, if I start out in the AM with a serum blood cortisol of 11, and it has dropped to either below normal or low normal the rest of the day by way of saliva cortisol testing, and the ACTH rules out adrenal insufficiency, where does this leave me? Can no longer tolerate exercise (have been a distance runner), pale, losing muscle mass, and lack of appetite.
I believe I had the low dose ACTH stim. Baseline was checked and then checked again at 60 minutes....11.6-30.4. I felt better than I had in ages during this test.

I did the Glucagon that tested cortisol and HGH. Cortisol readings were 13.2, 19.6, 12.7, 15.2, 24. I can't locate the HGH results right now but they were something like 0.4, 0.3, 0.2, 5, 11.

TRH was 2.6, 26.98, 27.92, 24.85. Felt fantastic for the rest of the day after this test.

If anyone has any insight into any of these tests, feel free to contribute.

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