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Mine was from 'lab corporation of amer.' & was a 16.9 on ref. 2.3-19.4

I normally sleep from 6am-3pm but this day I only had 3 hrs sleep (from 6am-9am) & took the test -- 6 hrs later w/out a full night rest.

Since my doc didn't say it was an am or pm test, the lab lady said it was ok to take at 3pm (which would be my NORMAL awaking time but it was really not that day, as I awoke w/ much less rest & so much earlier that day, after just 3 hrs of sleep -- awaking at 9am for this test day) because it was just a "random" test not a morning or night one.

Does this mean anything to be so high on this test? Could it mean even higher vlaues for either morning or night tests in future?

Also had testosterone done, & it was 756 on ref. 280-800
(If cortisol is/was high on this test, then how can testosterone be so high too? Doesn't hi cortisol INHIBIT higher testos. levels??? I'm lost...& very nervous over these results!)

Also had Vit. D3 done, & it was 63.9 on ref of 32-100 (I think this is very good, yes?).

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