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Adrenal crisis...
Sep 28, 2010
Hi all,

I am hoping to reach those with adrenal/addisons crisis experience or knowledge and that anyone who can give me some guidance on what to do in my current situation.

Many moons ago, like 8 years mydr said mycortisol levels were non existent in am and extremely high at night which matched my sleep / non sleep pattern exactly for years. He gave me cortex but fro. What I remember the side effects or what I thought were side effects were too much to take the meds.

Anyway 5 years ago I was hit by a car and had a multitude of issues yet nothing common, the injury, pcos, a tick Bourne disease, hypothyroidism, hypoglycemia, and low blood pressure. At about that time, I recovered from the injuries from the accident from PT and body conditioning and fitness, however, I was many times exhausted for no reason but unable to sleep at night on at 3 am to 11 am.

So what is the issue now? I started feel g very weak a month ago, major leg cramps and muscle spasms, skin breakouts, insomnia at night andweeke ds that I just slept in. My work escalated to 80 hours for last six months and then a week ago A car hit me again!! This time child in car, both rushed to er, traumatizing but doing well considering. The weekend before, fri, sat and Sunday I counted I slept 26 hours. Then the accident and I am:

1 unable to stay awake more than two hours

2 low back pain

3 lost 6 pounds and weigh 113 I am 5 ft 7 and 35 yo female should be at least 125, I am an athlete.

4 I can't stop drinking fluids and am trying to eat but not much appetite

5 I oddly drank 80 ounces of pomegranate juice in 2 hours the other day??

6 I can't sleep at night at all

7 my legs, arms,pelvis, stomach hurt so bad

8 my calves muscles for last month have spasmed so bad I cry fully and no calmag pills work

9 my neck has a brown spot about 1 inch by 1 inch and my aeriolas are definitely darker than normal but I am Mediterranean.

10 I also have high testosterone so I have to take anti androgens

With all that said, does this seem like an adrenal crisis? I can't get into the doc till Friday but I could goto the ER tomorrow and get meds. When I went after theaccidednt I said I have low bp but they said the machine was broken as it was like 60 over 38, don't know exact number due to morphine injection...

Anyone who knows about this, even though your probnot a doctor, I just need guidance on what to do, my child is young and I'm all he has left so I need to know if this is minor and can wait free more days or not minor at all.

Many, many, manythanks to all that can shed some advice! :)

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