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Sounds to me that you are suffering from either total failure on both parts of your adrenal gland or partial failure. All of the symptoms that you mentioned are symptoms of adrenal failure. You need to see a good endocrinologist. It sounds to me that you have problems in your thyroid gland as well. Have you had any problems with your blood sugar or with your menstral cycle? The symptoms that you are talking about, being tired, being thirsty like crazy, having extremely low blood pressure, leg, back, abdominal and pelvic pain are classic symptoms of adrenal failure on the interior part of your adrenal gland. Being tired, having problems dealing with temperature changes, low blood sugar or diabetes, low body temperature, shaking, cravings, weakness, seizures,convulsions and going unconscious are symptoms of failure on the external part of your adrenal gland. You probubly need to be on 25 mg of cortisone per day and 1 mg of Fludrocortisone per day. The cortisone deals with the damage on the external part of your adrenal gland and it is more effective than hydrocortisone and the fludrocortisone deals with the failure on the internal part of the adrenal gland. Having problems with your adrenal gland will cause problems in your other endocrine organs and in other areas of your body. Adrenal Failure is very deadly and emergency rooms do not know how to treat it. If this is what is going on than your life is in danger and you need to get help immediately especially if you are getting into car accidents! Your adrenal gland helps you combat physical stress. Until you see an excellent endocrinologist and get on effective treatment, you are not a candidate for any kind of surgery as you could die on the operating table. If you are on steroids to treat your adrenal disease you may have to go off your steroids, temporarily, in order to get an accurate hormone test done, specifically a cortisol stimulation test. You can have hormone tests done without going off the steroids but the test will not be accurate but the doctor still can get an idea of what is going on. When your doctor checks your sodium and potassium levels to see if you have failure on the internal part of your adrenal gland than avoid taking potassium or sodium for a week prior to your test. This is going to mean that you will need to avoid taking medicines that contain sodium or potassium or sports drinks or things with significant amounts of baking soda.

My guess is that you do have pituitary, thymus and thyroid problems as well given the fact that you are so thin. Do you get sick alot with colds, and flus etc.? If you have multiple problems with multiple endocrine organs, than you may be suffering from an autoimmune disease called Autoimmune Polyglandular Syndrome. Look it up on the internet.

I do not mean to scare you but if what I suspect is going on than you need help really fast. As you have seen just getting into the car and driving can be life-threatening to you. If you have adrenal disease than you need to wear medical identification with you at all times, you need to post signs on any vehicle that you are traveling in to let paramedics know to give you additional steroids immediately before you arrive at the hospital and you need to keep emergency medicine with you at all times. I carry mine in my purse and in my bra in case I get into a car accident and I cannot get to my purse. You will also need to keep a tube of glucose with you at all times because adrenal disease will cause problems with your blood sugar and low blood sugar can cause a life-threatening adrenal crisis. Your blood sugar DOES NOT HAVE TO GET LOW before it will cause an acute adrenal crisis, ALL YOUR BLOOD SUGAR NEEDS TO DO IS START DROPPING TOO FAST. Just to let you know,THE SYMPTOMS OF HYPOGLYCEMIA, ADRENAL DISEASE AND SEVERE WITHDRAWAL --ARE THE SAME.

Get to an endocrinologist who knows his or her stuff. Most endocrinologist do not want to deal with patients with adrenal disease. Most doctors do not know how to treat this disease and adrenal disease can cause problems in every other area of the body plus patients with adrenal disease cannot take most medications.

There is hope. Once you know how to handle adrenal disease, you can live a normal life. Many adrenal patients can have a full recovery after a year or so on the proper treatment. The key to recovering is to get your condition properly diagnosed and treated effectively, immediately. Procrastinating can only lead to you possibly loosing your life or making a full recovery impossible.

Best wishes and God Bless. If you need further help do not hesitate to email me. I almost lost my life to this disease and because of what I have learned, I am practically an expert on the subject. If you have this disease, there is so much that you need to learn about it that you will not be able to read in books. Listen to your body and keep a daily diary of all of your problems. I can help you get through this but I will need more information, in time. Think positively and see your doctor at least once a month!!!!!!!

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