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I was released from the hospital this a.m. w/ my prescriptions and no guidance. I have a great Internal Medicine Doctor who is working on tapering my dose, but is quite upset that they sent me home w/ a 50 mg RX for Prednisone. I have an appointment with her tomorrow at 1:45 p.m. and labwork of course. I am looking for a specialist at U of M Medical Center and would be willing to take any recommendations if anyone knows any Doctors up there who specialize in this disease. I have to children 4 and 6 and need to be able to function from day to day relatively normal. I know that is possible, but I am new to this, so please don't bombard me w/ ALOT and keep it simple as I am learning myself. I would like to know that "shot" I read about needing to have on hand at all times too. All e-mails will be very appreciated!!
I have every confidence you will be feeling well soon and keeping up with your little ones. I do not have a doctor recommendation. I live in Madison Wi and have not met one doctor who has experience with Addisions.

Here is what I have found helpful.
1. Hydrocortisone is preferred by many of us to prednisone. I would check into that.
2. If you switch to hydrocortisone take it three times per day. Early morning, late morning and mid/late afternoon.
3. Get a medical alert bracelet and wear it.
4. Get two injectibles and have your doctor show you and someone close to you how to use it. I've never used mine but do carry it around.
5. Ask your doctor about your sodium levels and consider fludrocortisone if necessary. This helps with the dizzy feeling.
6. Be mindful of stress, both good and bad. Don't over do and listen to your body.
7. Many people with Addisons also have thryoid issues. Once you are on your meds make sure to have your thyroid checked. Thy symptoms mimick eachother and cause confusion.

You should be feeling pretty darn good any time now. Peace.

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