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I missed a phone call from my endocrinologist on Friday afternoon. I have my test results and I'm supposed to call back next week. I'm a little confused by the results.

baseline cortisol = 5.0
30 min post = 7.0
60 min post = 5.0

He told me that it should double and continue rising until it got to around 20 when he was pushing the ACTH. He thought I might have hypopituitarism.

I suspect that I have adrenal insufficiency. I feel sick, tired, and dizzy a lot. My fear is that my endo won't treat me because my baseline is above 2.0 and "normal." Is there a chance that I'm in the early stages of this condition?

If you were in the low end of normal and felt sick all of the time, what would you do? I really think it will break my heart if another doctor won't treat me.

Thanks for your time.
Thank you very much. How long does it take to start feeling normal? I've been replacing the cortisol for a week but still feel awful.

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