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I used to run every morning 2 to 5 miles, 6 days a weeks until hurting my knee coaching son's soccer team. Biking makes my knees feel so much better. I try to ride 3 to 4 times a weeks, 15 +, usually on weekends min of 20, my longest this summer was 36. I'd like to ride more often and longer distance, but like everyone else, have other demands on my time. I travel 2 to 3 nights a week and was taking my bike to ride during the summer months when the days were longer if I was staying in a location where I could ride safely. I'm not killing myself out there and am only averaging around 14+ mph in my hilly area and 15+ on flat courses.

Id luv to swim but no good place to do it.

By the way, for general discussion, I take Cortef (generic= Hydrocort). I asked my doctor once about prednisone since that was on the walmart $4 list. He told me that it was not for long term use (ie the rest of our lives) where the cortef was. Has anyone else heard that?
Hi Bicycler,
I was just getting ready to run when I thought I'd check the Board! I take cortef too. My Doc told me about 7 years ago that it was better for me. I was on Prednisone forever before that-nobody said anything until I changed Doc's. I'm doing a 10/10/5 dosage and the Florinef with it. Although I'm not sure I need it. I've got borderline high blood pressure which is kinda' odd for someone like us. I do ride to but only about 5-6 miles a day(night). I walk(with my wife)run/bike in the evening. It's to hot in TX any earlier. Anyhow, gotta' go.

Be well!

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