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So, here's what is going on and any help or comments and advice would be greatly appreciated.

I have symptoms of both hypothyroidism and Adrenal exhaustion:
- fatigued, no reason, trouble waking up in morning
- I get a slight boost of energy at night and that's when I go work out
- non-refreshing sleep
- trouble sleeping intermittently: sometime I sleep like a baby, sometimes I have insomnia (lately insomnia as my symptoms are getting worse), but I always have trouble in the morning
- poor concentration/that darn brain fog that I can't describe
- memory problems lately
- water retention - i know I'm a woman, but it's ridiculous how much water I retain (whether it's a symptom or not is up in the air though)
- ovarian cysts
- intermittently crave salty foods, more often lately
- slow to recover from injuries.. illness..stress
- food and environmental allergies
- sometime poor digestion
- PMS is getting WAY worse, it was never this bad
- irritable more often, but not angry, just snappy
- acne getting worse
- history of miscarriage, and having trouble conceiving (probably from the cysts)
- achy joints (i feel older than 27), and i crackle and pop

And that's my list, there's probably more.
Here is what I have done to find a solution, and please tell me if this is the right way to go, or if I should be doing more or something different...

- had a battery of tests ordered from doc: blood count, lipids, glucose, diabetes check, potassium, TSH (1.06).. and several other hard to pronounce tests.
- demanded a free T3/T4 test: don't know results yet
- currently just asked for a TPO: waiting to hear back from Doctor
- currently asked about getting my [B]Adrenals[/B] check out: waiting to hear from Doc

Do you think it was wise to ask about my adrenals. I am just soooo tired, all the time, with little boosts of energy that don't make living seem very alive. It honestly started getting worse with my miscarriage in April.. my hormones got all whacky and now my symptoms (although apparent before) are all kicking my behind in a major way.

Also, I'm not depressed, I get sad a little more often than i want to over the last 2 years, but definitely not depressed. I am usually a happy, bubbly lady with a lot going for me, and I just hope to find some answers.

I swear to whomever is up there, that if she pins this on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome eventually, I will be finding another doctor.

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