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Hi there ,
Thanks for your reply.
Interestingly I have an urgent appointment with an endocrinologist this morning, so will post more later.
I have never believed I am a type 2 diabetic - more of a late onset type 1 (though they hate to say this for some reason nowadays).
I was put on injections for diabetes from the start, Levemir long acting morning and evening, which seemed to sort out the diabetes really quickly.
It all went pear-shaped after the Addisons diagnosis and the introduction of Hydrocortisone.
Now they are going to try and introduce a short acting insulin at lunchtime - however I can see the problem that is glaringly obvious, I am likely to suffer from Hypos on a more regular basis as we are having to try and second-guess how high or low my evening glucose reading will be (they are either very high or low at the moment as a result of the steroids).
It doesn't help that I also have to use a Seratide steroid inhaler because my breathing is hampered all the time (I do not have true asthma or a copd, but I suspect the Addisons has caused the problem).
My speech slurs all the time, words come out wrong, my typing is dyslexic these days - it's taking me ages to do this - again this can be symptomatic of Addisons, although I am seeing a neurologist in a couple of weeks.
I have joined the Yahoo Board, but at the moment there is so much going on around me that I am awaiting what else is in store for me once I have been to the Endo. My family is blighted by rare auto-immune conditions, so the Diabetes/Addisons combo may not yet be the end of it all.
I feel as if my insides are raging. All this at a time when the UK government is least sympathetic to people with illness - especially those illnesses they have no knowledge of.
I guess I could bleat on all day with the 'Woe is me' stuff. It makes me miserable.
What I find so astounding is the statistics, it is said that Addisons is rare, only 8/10 people per million are diagnosed per year in the UK, but there seem to many more people than that since I have been googling, and lots of them have (or think they have) Addisons and Diabetes (Schmidts Syndrome), so not so rare after all. Me thinks the stats are wrong.
Well back home now.
As I expected, I have got to have a barrage of tests, looking for some of the strange conditions my own mother suffered from before her untimely death.
The endocrinologist is also going to test me again for Addisons AND Cushings, as I look more like a Cushings sufferer than an Addisons.
So, he as taken me off the Hydrocortisone as it was likely I would have been in hospital as an emergency patient within another few weeks, I looked so very ill (and still do).
Thank goodness for all the 'Disease' keyfobs they give you (lol!), my key fob sounds like a plumbers toolbag when it drops on the floor (lol again!).
At least if I am admitted as an emergency patient they will have some clue as to what is going on instead of just wiring you up to heart monitor, telling you you haven't or aren't having a heart attack and sending you home when you are in pain and having a 'fight or flight' episode and don't know why.

I have had sleep problems since 2003 including apnea, they wanted to give me an oxygen mask and machine thing that clanked all night - and I said no! I will never meet a potential partner as it is such a turn off! It just felt like a lazy (and expensive) answer to a problem that has come about via other means.

I am going to be having further Thyroid testing along with the Addisons (which I thought was a definitive diagnosis - apparantly not??) and Cushings.
I have been very ill since 2003, and have run the gammut of 'You have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome', 'You are depressed and should have therapy' etc etc, no wonder I am now angry, tired, fed up and ready to swing.
I tell you - there is more to all this - and I will post it as it happens.
Thankyou for replying to my initial post.

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