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I also have diabetes type 2,Addison's & asthma/lung issues--I am on oxygen therapy 24/7- and have been since 2007. Was dxed with addison's in 2006 and put on O2 in July of 07 and dxed diabetic Oct 2007-- I too look like Cushings rather than Addison's & have since I had been taking Prednisone for breathing issues and had "blown up" like a balloon. I take Cortef for my Ad- usually 10 mg 3 times a day--also take fludrocortisone & DHEA for AD-- I take Januvia 100mg am--and Nova-log short acting insulin (meal times) and Lantus long acting insulin at bedtime. they are very much tied together--when having bad breathing days I require more steroids(and sometimes Medrol in addition to my Cortef) which in turn drives my sugar up requiring more insulin. You are not alone. do you belong to the Addison yahoo group yet? or Dusty's support group/blog? both are great groups full of very knowledgeable people willing to help,listen & support. I fyou want I can give you the web addresses for both.
Hang in there.

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