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I recently had my ACTH Stim Test and was able to get some of the results, but won't meet with my doctor to discuss for another 2 weeks. I've already been prescribed hydrocortisone as a preventative measure because the doctor believes I do have either Addisons or an adrenal insufficiency. My ACTH results were odd, so it's hard to know if this would be considered Addisons or not?

8 a.m. cortisol - 4.0 mcg/dL (reference range 4.2 - 22.4)
30 minute - 11.9 mcg/dL
60 minute - 13.7 mcg/dL

The weird thing is that the cortisol almost tripled, but started out below normal and never got above 13.7. My understanding is that in order to rule out Addisons, it should at least double AND it should rise above at least 18 mcg/dL. So, perhaps this is indicative of an ACTH problem/pituitary problem as opposed to an adrenal problem?

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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