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Folks I need some advice. What does it mean when one's 24 hour urine looks like this?

Cortisone (E) - 107 (92-366)
Cortisol (F) - 109 (35-168)

... But then have a DHEA and Aldosterone like this:

DHEA - 48 (5-1476)
Aldosterone - 3.9 (6-26)

I've been in rough shape for years because of these adrenal issues. The tests above I am not on anything. I've always thought this is Addisons. But then my cortisol seems somewhat OK? I certainly don't feel like it, my salt cravings are insanse, even on florinef. And I have next to no energy on a bare minimum of 10MG HC in the morning.

Is this Addison's? Should I be taking DHEA?

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