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Hello everyone :)

I went to a new endo and finally I have someone who knows what they are talking about. I am dealing with low blood pressure for 2 yrs now and she is weaning me off of the prednisone by 1MG every 2 weeks. Right now I am on 8MG of prednisone. When I am done in March and no longer taking prednisone, she will do the ACTH cort stim test and she is more than sure as she put it, my adrenals are "fried". One step at a time.

She gave me fludrocortisone and told me to take .5 and see what that does. If my pressures are still too low then to go to 1mg. Well the .5 did nothing for three days and I took the 1 mg and it seemed to work. The think I noticed though, is it works in the morning and in the late afternoon, my pressures are low but not that low. I just wanted to know what doses you are on and when do you take the pill. I also had read that some adrenal patients take the fludrocortisone only when they need it? Is that true?

Thanks in advance

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