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Right now for this issue, I'm only seeing my primary care doctor. I saw him today and he said he feels like it is indeed addisons disease but he wants to send me to an endo for confirmation. He also wants the endo to being treatment and then he will maintain things.

I had the ACTH stim test when I was in the hospital and diagnosed with addisons the first time but I have no idea what the numbers looked like. It is possible that I had a scan of the adrenals and pituatary area when I was hospitalized, as I remember doing more then one cat scan but I have no idea what it showed. I was out of state visiting a friend when that actually happened and don't even remember the hospital name. May have to do some research into that.

I have not had my growth hormones checked that I know of but will look into that. I know I was hospitalized for hypertension the first time at age 17 and they did all kinds of test including a nuclear medicine scan of something.

Looks like this may be a long road to diagnosis, but hopefully they can get it figured out.
I have multiple sclerosis and it shares some of the same symptoms which I feel is gonna confuse things a lot.. Only time shall tell I guess..

Thank you for your reply, I hope they get you some answers to your questions so you'll be able to have your symptoms treated successfully. Best of luck to you!

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