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I am having some really bad "up and down" cycles ie anxiety, energy, extreme fatigue, fluid retention and the fluid loss, headaches, dizziness, visual probs and heaps of other things. I have been seeing drs for a number of years with no luck (they all try to suggest depression and I am not depressed). I found a new dr that ran morning ACTh and cortisol levels that lead to and Endocrine appointment.
Results ACTH <10 (range 10 to 50 ng/l) to little to register?
Cortisol 260nmol/l (range 200 to 600)
Endocrinologist said this was nothing to worry about but I pushed for a ACTh stim test
So I had a high dose ACTH stim test and the results were only just ok
Baseline:-ACTH 13 (range 10 to 20),Cortisol 321 (normal 200 to 600 for am)
At 30 mins Cort 458
At 60 min Cort 508
Dr said these were ok but she said the Cort should of gone over 550. So they ran the low dose ACTH a few weeks later and I responded even better to this but extreme low ACTH
Baseline ACTH <10 (range 10 to 50) Cort 315 (range 200 to 600 for am)
At 30 mins Cort 630
At 60 mins Cort 630 (no change).
But during this test my hand went blue/purple/cold and I got little shivers. This test was extremely stressful as they could not draw blood and I had to be jabbed several times and also screamed a few times! The dr thinks my results are normal even though ACTH is too low to register a value. The dr has advised that I don't have to worry about ACTH levels if cortisol is ok!! Now I am stuck as that is all they will do. Any ideas folks? I don't think it is addisons but my symptoms match, I don't know if I have pigmentation as I have very dark freckles (they have yet to fade even though I am 34). I am over feeling like crap

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