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I have had thyroiditis and low thyroid with RT3 issues for 30 years. I am a 60 year old female. I was originally dx and treated only for low thyroid. I had many years of chronic fatigue, jt and muscle pains, neck pains at side of neck, bilateral back pains (relieved with cortef) and chemical sensitivities, asthma, allergies and feeling cold or hot etc. etc. I find I am extremely sensitive to cold and warm weather. Feel like a prisoner in my own apt. About 10 years ago, my gyn had me take a saliva adrenal profile test. It showed I was greatly below normal in the am for my cortisol (would help to explain my severe am fatigue), as well as a couple of other times of the day my cortisol levels were low. She suggested I use cortef. I also have a long hx of polyurea and servere thirst. (especially before I started taking hydrocortisone) I was on 5mg of cortef 4 x a day and seemed to do well. Everytime I tried to lower the dose, I would loose weight, become severly weak, increase in allergies, asthma and chemical sensitivities, thirst and break out in a rash on my inner arms, along with a low grade fever.

Over the years, I started gaining a lot of weight ...30lbs. I was able to find a doctor who changed my thyroid to levoxyl, armour and cytomel. synthroid did not seem to do much for me, however, it did not seem to stress my adrenals. I found I could not continue taking cytomel or cortef due to distressing side effects. About 3 years ago, I was found to have RT3 problems, and could not take armour, as my body did not convert t4 to t3 very well. I was put on levoxyl and sustained release T3, along with SR hydrocortisone. It seemed, every time I raised my thyroid, it would tax my adrenals. I soon began the dance of the hormones, and trying the balancing act. To make a long story short, I also take bioidentical progesterone and biest, testosterone, dhea. However, my fatigue has become unbearable. I sleep all the time, or have to pace myself and rest one day, and more active the next. My hormone levels keep changing. I recently took a saliva and blood cortisol adrenal panel, and my cortisol levels were all over the place. I was very upset to see I am not putting out little , if anything of my own in the am. It rises with supplementation, and drops off dramatically after mid day. As you can see my case is complex, and my medical care through the years has been inconsistent because physicians would stop taking Medi Care, retire, change their scope of practice ,poor monitoring of my condition, or start jacking their fees up alarmingly, and not take insurance or Medi Care. I have been on disability for many years and have been struggeling to take care of my health issues given a system which seems to be very broken. I desperately need continuity of care and someone who recognizes and treats my endocrine problems. To complicate matters, I am now told most endocrinologists will not admit to recognizing bioidentical hormones or their use or adrenal issues other than full blown addison's or chushings syndrome! I feel in a terrible dilemma, which is only adding to my frustration and stress. Meanwhile , I have no PCP working with me, and physicians who are inconsistent and unreliable. I am afraid of getting worse, or dying. I would appreciate the names of some physicians in the Berkeley,Oakland, Dublin, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek, San Ramon areas of the san francisco bay area or Marin County. or anywhere else within reasonable distance , who take insurance, Medi-Care, adjust their fees based on income, and who recognize and treat my endocrine problems and use bio-identical hormones in their practice. I look forward to hearing from you out there. thank you!:dizzy::wave: PLEASE , I WOULD LIKE TO HEAR FROM OTHERS OUT HERE WHO CAN RELATE TO MY SITUATION AND CAN SHED SOME LIGHT AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION WHICH MAYBE HELPFUL TO ME. I DON'T WANT TO DIE, AND I AM IN NEED OF CONTACT WITH OTHERS TO SHARE EXPERIENCES.

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