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I don't really know what to do.. Well I'm 18 and I have all the symptoms of adrenal fatigue. I think it runs in the family because my mom had the same type of problems and actually eventually got dementia and died.

I just feel super apathetic, I feel like I have no soul. I just feel so dead all the time and I hate doing stuff cuz i can never be myself. I just want to die all the time, and I feel like no one can relate to how I feel. People just think I am sad or something, and I just hate how no one understands, which just makes me want to die more. Most of the time I just wish I could at least cry, to have some relief. But that doesn't even come. I just can't believe how damn hard life can be and it just seems like there's never an end. And then I just see friends and stuff on facebook, and I see just see how blessed they are to just be healthy and then they're all complaining about the stupidest things, I just wish I was normal. Many times I just feel like, feeling normal just seems too good to be true, and that I'll never get better.
I've cut out gluten and dairy and that helped some. Like it made it so I didn't feel so sleepy and totally exhausted.. but emotionally I still feel the same if not worse. I also try to stay on the blood type diet. I'm just so done with living and every new thing I try never works. I just end up feeling more fatigued.

Like whenever I take any type of supplement, doesn't matter if it's a vitamin, I always feel the same. I feel more fatigued mentally, like tired, but not able to sleep, I feel very disconnected. I also notice I go to the bathroom more than normal. And it's always clear. I even tried like licorice tea, and it had the same affect. I notice too that whenever I touch any part of my body or arms or legs, it like gets really red and swells up. And my lower neck has started to hurt all the time. I don't know if this is a sign of inflammation? Also I noticed bell peppers and tomatoes make me feel more dead too. I looked it up and read that they are in the nightshade family or something which can cause inflammation.

The only thing that I feel like maybe will help is cortef or hydrocortisone. I actually bought some creme stuff with hydrocortisone, and... ate some of it. Just enough for 10mg worth of hydroc. Lol, well I couldn't get it prescribed,(went to the doctor and she laughed). and I had been reading how some people had had some relief from it.
Well, I felt the same as I usually do. But I noticed the swelling when I touched parts of my body were worse. Like I could write stuff on my arm and it would stay red for a while. I noticed though when I tried taking dhea, the same type of increased redness appeared.

But what I don't get is why am I feeling crappy after taking things that are suppose to be good for me, and why does nothing help?

Sorry if this was long, or some of it wasn't really a question. I just really want to be feeling normal and be able to love again. Oh that's another thing, I don't feel love anymore, and it never feels right saying I love you to people, even though I am the complete opposite before all this stuff happened.

Thank you A LOTTTTTTTTT anyone that has any helpful information or knows what's going on.

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