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Does anyone else have problems with sleep? I have a very hard time getting to sleep.. I have to take different things : melatonin, valerian, seroquel, etc. and I never sleep through the night. I wake up a lot with feelings of low cortisol: dull headache, nausea, craving carbs, night fevers, etc. I'm not sure if I am under-treating or over-treating with steroids? I tend to think I am under-treating because I get up in the middle of the night and take 2.5mg cortisone and eat a bowl of cereal, and then can go back to sleep. I guess I'm confused because I take 10mg of cortisone at 9pm ... shouldn't that be enough to get through the night? I'm about to lose it... because the night are so difficult, and then the mornings, I am exhausted. I wasn't able to work all last week because of this. Any thoughts??

One other thing? I always have out-of-range LOW ACTH scores... what does this mean? Moreover, should/can I be doing anything about this? I've seen a number of endocrinologists over the past few years, and they all seem clueless about this illness. Not sure that docs even learn about the adrenal glands in med school.... very sad.

Thanks for any input....

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