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I am completely at my witts end. I have been feeling unwell for the last 5 years. Main symptoms include severe tiredness, extreme salt cravings, low blood pressure, low blood sugar and dizzyness. Over this period of time I have had some "funny spells" where I will be sitting down and all of a sudden I will almost lose conciousness. I get really dizzy, black out, feel very sick, tummy pain, feel a sudden bout of dihorrea coming on to the point that I didnt think I made it to the toilet once. During this time I have no control of my body, I get a hot sweat up although I feel really cold and I crave salt. Salt seems to be the only thing that brings me back to conciousness, thank god my friends have learnt this because at times when they run of to get me salt and water it feels like they are saving my life.

I finally went to the GP and he said my adolsterone was high and sent me off to a Endo. Endo said my levels were fine as I am on the pill, however my renin/creatin test came back with high renin levels which means I don't retain salt and the endo said it could mean addisons.

Endo also said my Vitamin D levels are low and have suggested I take two tablets a day and come back in 2 months if I dont feel any better. I have been taking Vit D tablets for months now and dont feel any better and I told the Endo this but it seems that he doesnt have time for me at the moment. As it was he didnt read my file properly and was about to send me of for a 24hr urinalysis and renin/creatin test again - I had to tell him I had already had them.

I am venturing overseas in less than four months time and will be put of Australia for 3 months and I really want this to be fixed before I go away. I also felt extremely upset when he told me to come back in 2 months time as I thought I was finally getting somewhere. I am sick of feeling exhausted, I sleep all the time and dont have energy to go to the gym anymore, which I used to do all the time, which is why I have put on weight. My usually very active self has no energy to exercise anymore and the weight gain makes me feel terrible. I know with addisons people usually lose weight, I used to run 10-12kms 5 times a week though and I'm lucky to do 5kms once a week now which makes sense why I have put on weight.

Also the last 12 months I have a dark spot on my face and tummy - it sort of looks like dirty skin...

I am going back to the GP today to ask to see a different Endo. Sometimes I wonder if its all in my head, I have been saying for years I'm not myself/tired etc and no one listens, I've had heaps of tests and they all come back fine until theis renin/creatin test. I have got to the point that I feel so hopeless that I hope the doctors find something, I'm almost wishing sickness on myself so I can just take something for it and feel better again. Does this make sense to you?

I would really appreciate any help, suggestions etc. I am at witts end

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