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I've been dealing with a broad range of symptoms for about the last three months, the biggest issue being fatigue, dizziness, fluctuations in blood pressure and body ache.

Having always had completely normal blood work, in Dec. 2010 on a routine check up, I had some strange changes.

Increase fasting blood sugar into pre-diabetic range
Elevated lipids (LDL and TriG with lower HDL)
Elevated serum ferritin levels with normal iron and iron satutation
Low levels of Vitamin D
CBC showed a high MCH and a significantly low MPV

I did a saliva cortisol test (4 panel) which showed very low normal corisol in am and noon but very low abnormal corisol in the evening and night.

The indication was progressing phase 2 adrenal fatigue.

Saw and endo two days ago. I had a left adrenal myelolipoma on abd. CT from about 1 yr ago which I was told not to worry about. He is going to ct it again to make sure it has not enlarged any more.

I also had low dose ACTH done as well and am awaiting results.

I have two questions maybe someone can answer.

First, ACTH test when give the injection within about 10 minutes I had some pretty bad nausea. Then by about 20 minutes I felt pretty good which last for about 2hours max. Has anyone else had a similiar experience as this?

Second, has anyone heard of adrenal myelolipomas causing clinical or sub clinical addision's symptoms?



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