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Hi, I've just joined after reading loads of posts on here and thinking most could be by me!!
Long story...from the beginning...
About 3 years ago I was constantly under the weather so my gp referred me to a general health consultant. Had a range of tests and the only thing that came back was low cortisol. So I had the ACTH simulation test but that came back normal.
I have generally low blood pressure (90/50 ish) and at the time was having lots of faints, even at sitting.
All the while since I just feel dreadful all the time.
Symptoms include
Weight loss
Tired all the time
Disturbed sleep
Wake up sweating buckets(esp in morning)
Loss of appetite
Aching joints
Leg/armpit hair virtually stopped growing
Mood swings
Almost constant virus/cold
Inability to keep warm, easily shivery
Seem to be weeing more often(every 30mins)
Panicky at things that don't normally phase me, even something on tv
Light headed
Pigmentation around armpits and new freckles? on face
I think that's about it!! But then there's this which I don't know if related...
I (stupidly) caused myself a corneal abrasion, nothing major, last week and a couple of days later my eye swelled, saw eye doc, patched, drops, gotta go back tomorrow. But in between I've felt SO ill and unable to cope. Today I've been sick once and passed out twice. Eye is feeling better but I just feel completely wiped out.
I really don't know what's going on .
I've struggled to maintain my weight for a few years now. I'm 5'5 and haven't weight over 8 stone for about 5 years and can go as low as 7 1/2. I always manage to put a bit back on but then just lose it again. I've always had a big appetite and eat all the right things (plus a healthy dose of the wrong things ;) but lately I've no appetite, rarely feel hungry and haven't eaten a bit of chocolate in about 2 weeks (unheard of for me)
I could probably go on but think that's enough for now!! Can anyone please give opinions/advice
Thank you for reading

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