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Hi Everyone.

I wanted to share my symptoms with you and see if anyone is suffering from the same type of symptoms and issues.

About 6 -7 months, I started to feel the first weird symptoms, they were very subtle but I did notice them. The first symptoms were slight trouble with remembering things or recalling things from memory. Nothing, major just a slight annoyance. BTW, I am a healthy 30 year old male without any other health issues or on any medication. Great overall life, job, family.

Slowly, over the next couple months I started noticing some tingling in the hands and feet, hypoglycemic symptoms, brain fog, fatigue, low body temperature, cold hands and feet and frequent/persistent headaches.

I went to see my family doctor and he did a standard complete blood count and urine test. Came back all normal and he told me that it sounds like anxiety. That was fine, we are all busy and live busy lives, so maybe I am just stressed out and this is causing the anxiety. There really has been no major life events recently, so it is not as if something major just happened.

I was not happy with the diagnosis, so I went to see a Naturopath and we went over my whole medical history and started to do some tests. The first set of tests came back and everything was normal. We tested fasting glucose(5.2), vitamin b12 (535), ferritin (176), TSH (1.24), Hemoglobin A1C (.056), Complete Blood Count.

So, first set of tests and nothing out of the ordinary, alright, we thought maybe let's test the adrenal glands and see what the cortisol and DHEA levels are. This came back with some interesting results and this was tested using a 1 day 4 sample saliva test. Results are below:

DHEAS - 11 ng/ml (Normal Range = 4 to 15)
Cortisol AM - 3.6 ng/ml (NR = 2 to 11)
Cortisol Noon - 1.2 ng/ml (NR = 1 to 7)
Cortisol PM - .38 ng/ml (NR = .5 to 3.5)
Cortisol Night - .08 ng/ml (NR = .2 to 1.3)

So, it looks like DHEA is at the higher end of the normal range and the cortisol is low in the morning and by the evening it is below range.

I took the results and went back to my family doctor and told him. He did not want to believe the cortisol results and said that the medical community does not recognize saliva testing. I did get him to test my TSH again and Free T4. So, 3 weeks after the first TSH test, the results showed:

TSH - 1.48 (Normal Range = .30 to 5.60)
Free T4 - 11.2 (NR = 7.2 to 21)

So, it looks like TSH went up a little and the Free T4 is on the lower end of the norms.

So, over the last few months, with the guidance of the naturopath, I improved my diet and that helped the hypoglycemic symptoms and also the tingling has stopped. The symptoms that still persist mainly are the cold hands and feet, brain fog, low body temperature, headaches and fatigue.

Sorry for the long story, but please let me know your thoughts as I still am unsure of what the root cause is of the symptoms. Is is an adrenal disorder (early addison's) or a early thyroid disorder (Hashimoto's) or something with the pituitary or hypothalamus?

BTW, I am going for a CAT scan of the brain on Thursday, so we shall see if anything shows up there.

Let me know your thoughts and similar experiences.


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