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Ok. I had my ACTH stim test done on the 9th and here are the results.

Basline cortisol 5.6

ACTH is pending (last time it was a 13 value range 10-60)

30 min
Cortisol 17.7

60 min

Cortisol 20.8

Test states cortisol greater than or equal to 20 is strongly against diagnosis of adrenal fatigue and it is reassuring to also see a rise of 7 mcg/dl above baseline.

I am assuming that my adrenals are fine, right? But sense the baseline value quadrupled my pituitary gland is not working right and my ACTH is too low, right?
Ok. Went to the endo today about my test results, dispite conflicting evidence from the web and conflicting evidence from other doctors she says that my adrenals are ok (no brainer there). And then I ask about hypopituitarism and she says nope thats fine... What? I am lost here coud someone make sense out of this. I do not understand how a number lower than an optimal am cortisol (a 10 according to her and 15 occording to other sources) could be perfectly ok? On top of that low normal ACTH results.
And here I am who has seen every docotr under the sun and NOOO one is able to tell me anything. Something has gotta give...

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