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[QUOTE=rocketman122;4715179]Hello everyone,
I wanted to ask some questions to see if those with AD might know the answer.
1-is cortisol in the blood highest in the morning? And if I take my hydrocortisone (heavy allergy to prednisone) does that help to lower it or make it higher?

When I was little I was very fat from the hydrocortisone that made me hungry all the time. I was picked on, beat up and... you get the picture. So the trauma is embedded deep. I previously did bodybuilding but couldn't add muscle. I did some tests, and got prescriptions to take growth hormone. expensive as hell and takes a long time to see results.

I also took 1.5 years of GH shots for my height when I was a teen (grew from 5' to 6' and I should have been taller, but wasn't consistent with my shots since some days it hurt bad and the next day I was scared to do it.)

After some discussions with the gym owner he realized my situation and said the option for me is anabolic steroids. I had no idea at the time that hydrocortisone is so catabolic.

I take sustanon (previously it was testoviron depot-but don't like the way it feels in my body)250mg for HRT twice per month through my doctor but actually I take 2 per week with nandrolone decanoate and primobolan depot, both very highly anabolic, but all through a black market but not UG. Still the gains don't come as fast as they should. It's driving me crazy. My food is [B]VERY[/B]strict/clean. 5 liters of water per day. BB/food is my first priority and GF is 2nd, but she knew that when we met. I love her more than anything but previous GF's always seem to hold me back with wanting to go out on days I need to train. They just don't understand.

I started at 70kg, I now weigh 88kg with low body fat, which has taken me 5 years to achieve. I want to get to 95/97 kg with lower body fat and I'll be happy. everyone says I look great but I don't think so. there isn't a day I look in the mirror and think I look good. I don't feel satisfied.

What can I do to stop the cortisol? My endocrine Dr tells me I should take 15mg in the morning and 5mg in the evening. I only take 10mg in the morning and on days I train will take another 5mg for strength.

I recently did a blood test and had blood sugar levels of 40 hemoglobin of 90 and low HDL cholesterol and high LDL , 170 on total cholesterol, and extremely low vitamin d. all no doubt because of the juice. They wanted to hospitalize me for observation, but I have to be next to my food or I shrink by the minute. I realize I can die but I want to have a nice body. I'm stupid I know. I'm not oblivious to whats going on. Yes I've been seeing a psychiatrist for 3 years now. I'm very stubborn though. My mind is set, nothing will change it. So please, don't try. I know all the dangers of steroids. I've educated myself about it. I have books and read tons of web pages about it. There are people who inject and don't know nothing about what they put in their body. I make it my business to know everything about what I put in my body.

I push extremely heavy weights (all controlled and perfectish form) I train using Mike Mentzer's high intensity training which has given me the biggest gains over time compared to the 5 day split, 3 day and what not. I don't recover in time with the other workouts. I train every 4-7 days depending when I feel ready. I do very little work but when I do it's very heavy and extremely intense and short. I do 50 minute fast walks 4 times a week as well. I don't have an obsession to constantly be in the gym. It's just this scar from my childhood that pushes me to get big.

I don't think I can get huge (over 100kg) since my joints/frame are small to begin with and won't allow me to put on so much muscle. We do have good genetics in the family. Both my brothers and my sister have trained previously and have put on a lot of muscle in a short time. But this AD is just a curse.

I realize many people are against anabolic steroids, but most people aren't educated about it, or have "heard/read" bad stories about it. I do have some anger issues but when I'm mad I just don't want to talk. and it's only at times when I'm extremely hunger. I don't take it out on anyone. But when I need to eat the GF is out of the kitchen for 10 minutes so I can do my business. She smokes cigarettes none stop and when she's stressed I leave her alone till she has her oxygen. Hey, much more people dies from 2nd hand smoke and smoking than from steroids. People do what they want.

I want to know what I can do to help me be more anabolic. I push so much steroids in my body but don't grow as fast as I should.

I apologize for such a long post. I've been thinking about posting this for a long time but didn't have the courage.[/QUOTE]

HI I'v had Addisons Disease since i was 17, sorry i have no idea about Anabolic Steroids but hope i can help with the cortisol I take 50mg a day and know all about weight issue. The cortisal is really just doing what your body should do. I cant help but think if your not taking the correct amount of cortisol you adding pressure to your body and add to that the anabolic steroids your body could go into crisses. But as you said People do what they want. take care of yourself;)

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