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I have had chronic-fatigue-like symptoms for more than nine years, and as part of my doctor's attempt to help, he ordered an ACTH stimulation test back in 2009. He said the test results were "within normal range" but doing more research last weekend I am not so sure he was right.

Test results:
Baseline: 6.9 ug/dL
30 min Cortisol: 23.3 ug/dL
60 min Cortisol: 26.0 ug/dL

This looks to me like it indicates SAI. I have had no head injuries, but did have a life-threatening bleeding incident when my third child was born. Can anyone tell me if I am on the right track? I am just now getting a new GP, and want to have good information for my first interview with prospective new physicians.

Thanks for your help!

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