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[QUOTE=eka4987;4757155]Cortisol: 34.5 ug/dl (5 - 25)???
Wouldn't that be high?
I find it odd you have an ACTH of 10 but a high cortisol. My ACTH is 10 and Cortisol 7.2. To think my doctor doesn't think there is a problem. I would really do research on Cushing's Syndrome and do some more testing. ACTH is what tells your body to make cortisol and yours isn't saying to make a lot of cortisol although it is. Are you on steroids because that could affect your Cortisol. If not that would raise concern for me.[/QUOTE]

I agree, cortisol shouldnt be that high with a ACTH value of 10. Cushings is a possiblity. A late night cortisol test might be inorder to rule out cushings. The odd thing here is the low Blood sugar as I would expect a higher than normal BS level with that high of a cortisol level. The Dr should have looked at the relationship of the ACTH to the cortisoll and thought to himself,. umm the ACTH is inappropriately low for a high cortisol.
sorry for the Ramble.

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