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Hi All Mommies!

I'm new at messaging but wanted to share my story...

I was diagnosed with Addisons Disease 3 years ago and was told my condition was too unstable to consider having children at the time. Naturally this was very distressing. One year later i was finally given the go ahead by my doctor but was told that the possibilities of falling pregnant were slim. We were thrilled to find out i was pregnant after just 5 months and then the shocker hit - I was expecting TWINS!
I was warned by all medical professionals that the chance of the twins survival was slim and that my life would be considered before theirs. A terrifying prospect considering my unstable condition.
At first everything seemed to be going well, i suffered very little nausea, but was absolutely exhausted. At 24 weeks pregnant I suffered my first crisis since falling pregnant. It was minor but I was hospitalized for a few days due to hypoglyceamia (a daily problem for me) but also low blood pressure (80/40) which seemed to worsen when I slept.
My medication was increased steadily from then on, everytime a crisis threatened.
At 30 weeks I was unable to walk, lay down or eat. This made the hypoglyceamia worse still. I began experiencing false labour contractions which had me admitted to hospital a few times and my team of doctors indicated concern for my health as well as my twins at this stage. The drugs they would normally give for preterm labour were interfering with the steroids i take for Addisons and making me extremely ill.
I was admitted to hospital for the final time at 32 weeks pregnant after collapsing in the doctors surgery. I went into preterm labour 4 days later and my condition spiralled out of control. i received 400mg of hydrocortisone 6 hourly when they prep'd me for an emergency c-section. i spent 2 days in intensive care and was then moved to the maternity ward when everyone thought i was doing great.
It was then that the doctors reduced my dose by half and i suffered the most severe crisis i've ever had. It happened so suddenly and the only way i am able to describe the feeling is to say that it felt like i was being buried alive. I could hear my husband calling out to me, and i new the nurses and doctors were rushing around me but i could not move and could not speak, i felt as though my breath was being crushed out of me.
I suffered this experience every 2nd day for 2 weeks as my dose was being reduced.
My twins were born at 1.7kg and 2.2kg. They were so tiny and their little faces were in front of me every crisis I had. I remember my panic at one point during my worst crisis of not being there to watch them grow up. It was very scary.
I am very greatful to be alive and my babies are fit and healthy now after spending 3 weeks fighting for their own lives without me.
My case was extreme and i know many of you had little or no problems with Addisons during your pregnancies, but i would do it again in a heartbeat for the joy i have now.

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