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Hi everyone. I have kind of a cross-over question. I have both adrenal insufficiency and hypothyroid (and growth hormone deficiency) and am experiencing weird lab results. After reading on here, I found that this can occur when someone is not getting enough hydrocortisone, but since my endo doesnt know why my numbers are weird I thought I'd ask. My Free T3 is high and my Free T4 is low. This is new, as the week before my Free T's were rather normal. Here are those numbers (from 4/13/11):

My TSH was 3.300, Range: 0.40-4.40
Free T3 was 6.20, range: 1.80-4.20
My Free T4 was 0.84, range: 0.80-1.80

Here are results from another doctor from 4/5:

reverse T3 was 32, range: 11-32
Free T3 was 3.5 , range: 2.3-4.2 (these are the "normal for me" ranges for my Free T's)
Free T4 was 1.2, range: 0.8-1.8
TSH was 4.04, range: 0.40-4.50

Also, my AM cortisol was 3.5 in December (stimmed up to 15 at 30 mins, then dropped to 12 at 60 mins), and since then I have not had it retested. As of now, I'm taking 10 mg of Cortef for the adrenals, 15 mg of Armour thyroid, and 1 mg shot daily of Norditropin for my growth hormone deficiency (my IGF-I level started at 32, and is now 84 on 1 mg). I don't think any of my meds are enough, but my endo claims that everything is "in range" and doesnt need to be altered. I also found that I have high testosterone and low estradiol which the endo says they don't treat. I'm not sure if that is normal or not. Could my weird thyroid numbers (TSH and Free T4 showing hypo and Free T3 showing hyper) be a result of not enough cortef? I've read that often if your adrenals are not under control it will send everything else out of whack too. Thanks!

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