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I hope it is okay to post here as I have no idea what I have regarding my adrenals..I have my thyroid test results and cortisol results to give you a little idea of my condition...

Free triiodothyronine 4.5 RANGE 3.5-6.5
Senstitve TSH 1.37 RANGE 0.35-5.00
Free T4 16 RANGE 9-23


TITRE 1:320 HI
ANA PATTERN Speckled and homogeneous pattern

6:00-8:00am 10 depressed range:13-24 nM
11:00-noon 15 elevated range: 5-10 nM
4:00-5:00pm 13 elevated range 3-8 nM
10:00-midnight 8 elevated range 1-4 nM

Cortisol Burden 46 range 23-42

Elevated DHEA

I was also tested tested for adrenal tumors and they were all in range and normal..

creatine 11.4 range 5.0-16.0
normetanephrines 0.9 range <3.4
Metanephrines 0.6 range <1.5
urine ph 1.9

Catecholamines urine
epinephrine 23 range <120
norepinephrine 151 range <575
dopamine 1736 <3200

Long story short, I am on 5mcg Cytomel split up(have tried natural thyroid before and stopped taking it) Doctor wants to put me 10mg of Cortef split up and 50mg of progesterone at night(calming effect and I'm also trying to get off birth control). The cytomel helps with my body temp but not much with all other symptoms such as fatigue, brain fog, weakness, adapting to stress. Are there any side effects to taking cortef??? My test results show I have high cortisol at night but honestly I always feel like high cortisol cycles throughout the day, depending how stressed I am. Will it lower the high cortisol and will it shut down my adrenals a bit?? How do they know this is not affected by my pituitary gland? thanks.

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