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[B]Help! [/B]I have been going to Dana Farber Center for iron infusions every week for almost 3 years-a 2 week off treatment every 4 months & levels drop crazy or delete. Lab tests were showing levels still dropping in the red cells & others.
{I have to have one treatment in 5 doses-as the side effects are so bad -so it takes 15-25 weeks to get it levels up enough for a break off them}
Having read the web today I see where low B12 usually helps cause this Addisons.
I have been getting [B]very[/B] weak & ill {not just from the 4 days after my infusions} BUT getting so bad I can't get across the room sometimes. leg tingling etc. This week I requested my doctor to test for a lot-also I had the thyroid checked but all ok right now-so that good.
Surprisingly the doctor came in with low salt & high potassium plus electrolites
way off, and other things that he thinks are Addison related but waiting for another test tomorrow & tuesday for complete diagnosis.{ I have been on low sodium each day as with these infusions it causes heart/blood pressure problems}
Yes say it ~a comlicated mess~ but I was looking to see if anyone else ran into the low iron problem as well & what do I have to look at in the future
with Addisons? { all new to me} Any Help gratefully accepted~Thanks:confused:

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