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Hi luvthesun,

Well this is my first posting on this site. I hope I can give you some useful info. I;ve had Addison's now for 9 years and have played alot with the dosing and different meds. My endo had me on 30mg of cortef a day and last summer I decided it was not enough for me (6ft, 220lbs) I found that when I was taking 40mg I felt much better. I explained that to him and he was fine with me changing my dosage.
Now I find that dividing the dosage is the best way to handle the cortef. I take 10mg/4 times a day. Yes it is more difficult, but my watch alarm is set so I don't forget. 10mg when I wake up at 0530hrs. 10mg at 10am, 10mg at 1300 and 10 at 1600.. I do take .01 florinef in the morning also and .02 in the summer.
I hope it helps,

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