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[QUOTE=luvthesun;4760819]I"m having a very difficult time trying to figure out the right timing for taking Hydrocortisone. My problem mainly lies in the evening and sleeping hours. If I don't take enough in the evening, I wake up a few hours after going to sleep, or very early in the a.m. and am still tired, but can't sleep and have low cortisol symptoms.. so then I take 2.5-5 mg and usually fall back to sleep. So you would think that I need to take more the night before. And when I do this, I'm wide awake until 2 or 3 a.m. I cannot seem to get it right and I have grown to dread bedtime. My internal body clock is completely screwed up.. it's been years since I've slept through the night like a healthy person.

I would LOVE to hear from some of you regarding your steroid schedule : what TIME and HOW MUCH cortisone you take daily?

Thanks very much,

Hi Mollie,

I have had addisons for 11 yrs. It is a pain to be in medication for our energy levels and it effects our circadian rythym. I have to take ambien to sleep at night and prednisone to stay awake and my Dr lowered mine to .5 mg a day and now I get soo tired. So I am tired just about all the time. My thyroid is always right on with levothyroxin. I am turning into a fat and tired person. If I do any work at all I am all done in and need to rest. I am not overweight but out of shape. If I do exercise and am so drained the next day I can not even talk straight. Good luck with your dosage. Cortisone for most people energizes you for a short time and can mess with your sleep rythym.

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