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Hi I am posting here for the first time and have some questions. I have the following symptoms, nausea, exp. in the mornings but lasts throughout day as well, heart palps, extreme tiredness, dizziness, low blood pressure, high heart rate, diarhea occaisonally,salt cravings sometimes sugar as well but not very often, some very light skin pigmentation in areas not exposed to sun other than that I am pale. I have went to 2 endo's one blamed it on my anemia, the other thought it was adrenal insuffiency based on my symptoms and he had my previous cortisol number of 8.1 and said it needs to be at least a 10. so he gave me the following tests

Baseline cortisol 8.6
250 mcg stim test, 1 hr stimmed to 30, so then he dismissed me as being normal as well.
Acth was 12

The first cortisol test i had was AM and was 8.1
and the 1st ACTH test I had was a 10.

the aldosterone test i had was 1.27

would love input on this. Thanks in advance!!

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