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Hello All,

Well I have been on the hunt for a diagnosis or an answer to the reason I feel absolutely miserable. And so far on paper the Doc says I am great! But, here are my symptoms

Chronic diarrhea and cramping (symptoms like ibs)
Insomnia (very bad)
Extreme mood swings(craziness)
Extreme irritably
Heart Races
Weight Loss/ Inability to Gain Weight
Discomforting Pain in Left Side (inch and a half up from belly button inch and a half to the left off on and on every so often)
Dizziness lightheaded when standing, goes black see spots for a few seconds
Very Low blood pressure
Low temperature
Acne (back,chest,face)
Yeast infections 1 week before period every month
Extreme menstrual cramps
Very long heavy menstrual periods
Very Low libido
Painful sex
Itchy head and dandruff
Horrible Ugly Thin Fingernails
Bruise Easily

A few weeks ago I had a ACTH of 14 and random Cortisol at 11:15am of 6.2ug/dl, which my doctor said was normal but I demanded an ACTH Stim Test. I have been really sick so my stress has been through the roof so I was worried my results would be skewed. Today my results came back

Cortisol Baseline - 16.4
Cortisol 30 Min - 30.2
Cortisol 60 Min - 35.8

Doctor says my results are perfectly normal. So here I am back at square one with no answers feeling miserable. Do you think I should just rule out Adrenal Insufficiency and move on? Not sure what to move on to :(

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