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I'm an American citizen, but I currently live in Ecuador. I have found an excellent doctor here who today mentioned that my regular dose of Dexamethazone could be causing some other side effects I'm fighting (edema, low bone density). He suggested changing to deflazacort. It's not available in the US, and my research tells me that's because of political and money issues, not safety. What I have read is that it less of a negative impact on your bones than other glucocorticoids (like dexamethazone, prednisone, and hydrocortizone). It's also said not to have the same weight-gain effects of prednisone (I gained 50lbs). However, the info I can find is not specific to Addison's Disease.

Has anyone tried deflazacort for Addison's? Does anyone have any more info on deflazacort's effect on energy level, bone density, edema, or weight?

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