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im on hydrocortisone 20, 10, 10 & fluorohydrocortisone steroids, they have just reduced the fludro in half to 100mg in the morning over the last week, but still no change to my B/P... the last reading was 154/121 ...going to see my endocrinologist this evening so hope i get some answers today..

If you follow my thread you will see i have a very complicated medical history with so many auto immune condition's and no answers to what or why everything is going wrong with me, Im only 39 with 2 young boys to bring up on my own very soon i wont be able to do this either.

To be honest im not able to do it now as im to ill so my parents are bringing up my boys for me there my only hope and inspiration if i lose them then i lose my fight to keep going...

I dont know if you can see all my threads Ive posted about my illnesses but if you have the time maybe you could read some, I hope not only you but others do too..


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