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[QUOTE=neptunesummer;4784176]I'm 16, a female, and I'm 160 lbs, have been suffering from debalitating fatigue ever since last August when my Epstein Barr Virus reactivated.

Cortisol, free and total, Lc/ms/ms
cortisol total, lc/ms/ms 5.0 reference range AM: 2.0 - 17.0 mcg/dL

Cortisol Free, Lc/ms/ms 0.13 mcg/dL no reference range establishished for this age group

Progesterone <0.5 ng/mL too many different reference ranges.

After these results, I got put on hydrocortisone. I'm just wondering why, because my ranges seem to be normal for cortisol... I think... but I have no idea really.[/QUOTE]

My Cortisol level was at 5.0 too and I was put on low dose of Hydrocortisone, but was pulled off because my blood pressure went extremely high. How long have you been on the Hydro? Have you noticed any improvements regarding your fatigue issue?

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